今年は、ダメージの大きい柴又100は回避し、北海道マラソンに全精力を捧げ、その勢いで秋のつくばで自己ベスト更新と思っていたのに。理解に苦しむ。代わりに東京灼熱マラソンを開け、バカ! 抗議して引退しようかな。f:id:CHASSESPLEEN:20200131123721j:image


北海道マラソン2020 休止のお知らせ/Notice of Cancellation of Hokkaido Marathon 2020
投稿日 : 2020年1月30日北海道マラソン2020%E3%80%80休止のお知らせ/


The Organizing Committee for the Hokkaido Marathon 2020 has decided to cancel the Hokkaido Marathon 2020. The Hokkaido Marathon usually takes place on the last Sunday of August. This year, however, the Committee has decided to cancel the event for the following two reasons: 1) a shortage of staff members to organize the marathon because it coincides with the Tokyo Paralympic Games and 2) inability to restore Odori Park (a venue for the Hokkaido Marathon) to its original state in time after it is used to host facilities for the Tokyo Olympic marathon and race walk events, scheduled in Sapporo from August 6 to 9. The course for the men’s and women’s Olympic marathons will be based on the course of the Hokkaido Marathon, and the majority of the Olympic course where the world’s top athletes will have raced will be used for the Hokkaido Marathon, which will resume in 2021. An even more attractive Hokkaido Marathon is truly something to look forward to. We at the Organizing Committee ask runners, residents along the course and every other person concerned for their kind understanding and cooperation in this regard.